Adopt - A - Highway

The Illinois Adopt-a-Highway program enables families and groups to do their part in the fight against litter.

Several local communities have become sponsoring jurisdictions in support of the program. Alton, Bethalto, Elsah and Godfrey have agreed to become partners with Pride, Inc. in administering the program......Learn More >


Street & Trees

Alton's famed flowering trees are the result of joint efforts by community groups and individuals who worked to get the trees selected, planted, pampered, pruned and replaced when needed.

The Alton Community Service League began providing crab apple trees to the public at no cost in 1958, setting the......Learn More >


Home of the Month

Pride's Home of the Month Award program will begin its eighth year in 2008, and what a success it has been! Although Pride, Incorporated™ has for many years been handing out literally thousands of Pride Eye awards annually to area homeowners whose property enhances the community, the Pride board wanted to give a more public type of recognition to those who......Learn More >


Student Pride

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Bucket Brigade

The Bucket Brigade, co-sponsored by Pride, Inc., The Telegraph and Brod-Dugan/Sherwin Williams has been painting homes for area residents since 1988. The program matches volunteer teams with homeowners who are no longer able to maintain their homes without assistance. In order to qualify for the program, homes must be one-story, owner occupied residences. Most of the homeowners that benefit from this program are seniors who simply cannot handle such a huge job alone. Other recipients are those with physical or financial limitations that prevent them from doing the work. Volunteer teams complete the painting at no cost to the homeowner.......Learn More >


Memorial Tree Program

The Pride, Inc. Memorial Tree Program is one of Pride's most popular programs, offering an opportunity for family and friends to memorialize a loved one. The trees may be purchased for $75 and will be planted in Spring 2009.

A dedication ceremony is held......Learn More >


Pride Eye Awards

One of Pride's objectives is to recognize local businesses and homeowners who do an outstanding job of keeping their properties neat and well-maintained. Each year we send out approximately 4,000 "Pride Eye" awards to deserving recipients.

In March of 2006 we renamed......Learn More >



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