Street Tree Program a Community Effort

Alton's famed flowering trees are the result of joint efforts by community groups and individuals who worked to get the trees selected, planted, pampered, pruned and replaced when needed.

The Alton Community Service League began providing crab apple trees to the public at no cost in 1958, setting the stage for the program that was soon to follow.

Spearheading the effort was the late Dr. Gordon F. Moore, M.D. civic leader, tree lover, and founder of Pride, Incorporated.

As chairman of the Alton Park and Recreation Commissions in 1960, Dr. Moore got the program growing with the help of the Alton Community Service League, Pride Incorporated, city officials, East End Improvement Association, Union Electric Co. and neighborhood groups from throughout the Alton area.

Noted landscape architects Edward Scanlon, of Ohio, and Robert Goetz, of St. Louis, played an important part in the development of what has become one of the most outstanding street tree programs in the Midwest.


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