In 1966 during the formation of Pride, Incorporated, one of its most important tasks was to undertake beautification of the Lovejoy Monument and the 16 block area surrounding Alton Cemetery. Pride realized the great amount of hard work that would have to be undertaken to insure beautification of the area.

Pride accepted the responsibility of urging the State of Illinois to renovate the Lovejoy Monument and encourage the City of Alton, Alton Cemetery Board of Directors and people living in the immediate area to participate in beautification programs that would have an immense impact on the community.

Repairs to the Lovejoy Monument were undertaken by the State of Illinois and improvements called for lighting of the monument, installation of iron railings, cleaning of the brass and sandblasting some stone. The total cost of the renovation exceeded $26,000.

The East End Improvement Association, who donated $7,000 toward the purchase of street trees, undertook work on the surrounding streets. The group cleared Monument Street of brush and weeds and planted trees and grass where needed. The vista up Monument Street was transformed from a tangled mess to one befitting the monument itself.

At Lovejoy's gravesite, the Lovejoy Memorial and the Alton Evening Telegraph combined to improve and beautify the area. Through the work of all the these divergent groups, the entire area became a spot that Altonians could look to with pride again.

On September 25, 1969, the Lovejoy Monument was rededicated. Speakers included Dr. Gordon Moore, Senator Ralph Smith and Governor Richard Ogilvie.


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